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Welcome to the Prayer Ministry of the Brooklyn SDA Church, where our members pray for one another and our community. What is prayer? Prayer can be a simple as talking with God. "Let's Talk With God" together.


The Brooklyn SDA Church serves the members of its congregation and its community through prayer. We understand that there is a need now more than ever to pray for and address the needs of our people. We are more than happy to pray for and intercede on your behalf. Please submit your prayer requests below.

What is Your Prayer Request?

You can indicate 'unspoken' if you would like your prayer request to remain private. Our prayer coordinators will still intercede on your behalf.

Who would you like us to pray for? 

You can be as specific as or as general as you wish to be.

Would you like one of our prayer coordinators to contact you? 

Please provide your contact information below.

Please indicate 'do not contact me' if you would NOT like us to contact you. Indicate 'virtual visit' if you would like a face to face visit. We will provide you with the details for your virtual visit. Please include your email and phone number details if that is the best means for us to communicate with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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